Caroline Ward: Souvenir of at City

an interpreter signing by a screen on which there is an image of Brighton's Big Wheel seen between two streetsDeaf artist, Caroline Ward has been developing the concept of an audio-visual souvenir of a city – sonifying locations through walking, imagery and imagining the linked sound memories. Working with artist Anya Ustaszewski, composer/sonic artist and musician and Dave Mee of Madlabs.

For Souvenir, Anya has sampled sound on and around Brighton’s big wheel, and used sounds from everyday objects inspired by the wheel, to create the music, subtly manipulating the sound inspired by the images. Dave, one of the founders of the Manchester Digital Laboratory, has used his experience designing and creating unique interactive experiences using software, technology and social systems.

Caroline’s powerpoint presentation describes the background to the piece and how it was created, including the fascinating way in which the visuals trigger the sound elements.

You can see the film here, without the sound:

Caroline would like to thank Dave Mee, Anya Ustaszewski and Erinma Ochu for their creativity in realising the concept. Also, Gemma Burditt for her collaboration at the Short Circuit weekend in June.

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