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ShortCircuit – Revisited

6.30-9pm 10th Sept 2015

6.30-9pm 10th Sept 2015

Hardly seems possible that two years have past since Jo Verrent and myself showcased @DigitalBrighton 4 of our ShortCircuit Arts Council, South East ActionResarch collaborations at Lighthouse Arts.

What better time to tap into the wonder of what happens when disability and digital collide than 2 years on to the day, focusing on two of our original ShortCircuit artists: Chisato Minamimura & Jon Adams, both of who took the kernals of ideas hatched at ShortCircuit nurturing them into fully fledged projects with their wonderful digital partners in furtive studios and on the streets.  Not only that Jon Pratty who helped Jo and I develop this line of enquiry will be chairing in his new role as Chair of Brighton Digital Festival.

We’ll be sharing their work tomorrow at Lighthouse in a special event, surrounded by other shortcircuitry from the recent SprungDigi Festival. We’ll be considering the wider context too of this work that sings The Creative Case for Diversity, We don’t just want bums on seats we want you to be part of the conversation.    You can book yourself a FREE ticket for the event here, but do so quick before all the tickets run out.

A wonderful evening of showcase, talks, films discussions and all sorts of visionary collisionary. Be there.

Dolly Short Circuits

2013-09-03 12.12.00Dolly Sen is a Short Circuit artist who will be presenting her most recent brush with digital at Brighton Digital Festival #BDF2013 tomorrow at Lighthouse in Brighton 6-8pm.  A visual artist, writer, film-maker, and performer interested in non-consensual reality, outsidership, empathy, authenticity and absurdity – she teeters on such delicious edges, don’t miss them!

‘I have been labeled ‘mad’ by society. My work aims to show I make perfect sense. To that end, I am creating a website experiencing psychosis, which hears voices, thinks it is being spied upon, and that it is Jesus.  It does 2 things: reflects my own experience; but also asks: what if the internet experienced madness, what would it look like, would you ever return to it, report it, what does it feel to vicariously experience psychosis? Virtual reality may not exist, but what if it didn’t exist twice removed? Or what if the psychosis makes it more real?’

Short Circuit Capers

Packer films Minamimura

pole cam capers

Tuesday’s side splitting catch up day in Lewes with Short Circuit artists Chisato Minamimura, Dave Packer and Dolly Sen left locals in the park a bit bemused!

At times a bit more Benny Hill than @DigitalBrighton – this was so much more than your usual Lewisian caper. Intrigued? Well, you’d be daft to not get yourself down to our Lighthouse@BDF2013 event Tuesday next at 6pm – a must see warmup to the @BDF2013 Chuckle event at Komedia round the corner, straight after.

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Checking out the MozLon space ready for the 1st May…

Moz London - a space with a bar, bar stools, sofas, tables.. colours are grey, white and orangeCentral London – check, close to transport routes – check, easy to find – check, good physical accessibility – check, lots of natural light – check, plenty of space – check, and different types of space – check.

Plenty of seating options – check, and different types of seating options – check. Plenty of tables, whiteboards etc – check.

Good tech kit for presentations etc – check. Free, good, easy to access WIFI – check. Easy, self serve coffee, tea and other options – check. Good networking space, atmosphere and buzz – check. Laid back attitude to bringing additional catering in – check. Continue reading

Brighton Digital Festival – submit

brighton_digitalfestival_mtgLots of whooping and cheering at last night’s at Brighton Digital Festival’s meeting where the new look and feel festival for 2013 was launched with the help of Brian Kidd’s well considered new designs.  Short Circuit was there networking and meeting new partners for the programme too. Sophie from Clearleft  hit the podium with an exciting space that they’re developing in Brighton for September for digital art to be showcased. A bid from the Short Circuit posse perhaps? The submission deadline is 28th June for a slot in this free space – so a few weeks after Short Circuit weekend at Lighthouse 8-9th June.

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Digitally arresting

eyewriter_imageLast week, I had such a great chat via Laurence Hill of Fabrica with the wonderful Seb Lee-Delisle @seb_ly  of last year’s @BDF2012 Pixel Pyros fame (and more besides) about our Short Circuit project and how we might make our own fireworks bringing different perspectives, ideas and inclinations to the table, losing a bit of the worthy label we seem to have been lumbered with.  Continue reading

Sarah Pickthall’s choice: Headspace meets Skoog

Clarence playing HeadspaceI’m currently working flat out on an Arts Council commission called Heads Up – 8 short films focusing on the Creative Case for Diversity as experienced by 8 prominent arts leaders working across the arts and museum sectors.  One of these films explores the work and life of the brilliant Ian Ritchie – Director of the City of London Festival and his passion for new sound worlds embodied in the recent work of Clarence Adoo and his Headspace instrument and its fusion with the ingenious tactile soundcube called Skoog developed through a NESTA funded project working with disabled young people in schools in Scotland. The combination is my Short Circuit Digital Masterpiece! Continue reading

Let’s Converse

synapse2Short Circuit  boldly puts the disabled and deaf experience of making art central – we make no apologies for that and we are concsious that whilst many disabled people harness social media and technological processes to orienteer the world ( I’ve just discovered  #a11y – a font of knowledge re: digital accessibility ) there are many others including creatives finding digital, exclusive impenetrable and not for them…  Continue reading