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ShortCircuit – Revisited

6.30-9pm 10th Sept 2015

6.30-9pm 10th Sept 2015

Hardly seems possible that two years have past since Jo Verrent and myself showcased @DigitalBrighton 4 of our ShortCircuit Arts Council, South East ActionResarch collaborations at Lighthouse Arts.

What better time to tap into the wonder of what happens when disability and digital collide than 2 years on to the day, focusing on two of our original ShortCircuit artists: Chisato Minamimura & Jon Adams, both of who took the kernals of ideas hatched at ShortCircuit nurturing them into fully fledged projects with their wonderful digital partners in furtive studios and on the streets.  Not only that Jon Pratty who helped Jo and I develop this line of enquiry will be chairing in his new role as Chair of Brighton Digital Festival.

We’ll be sharing their work tomorrow at Lighthouse in a special event, surrounded by other shortcircuitry from the recent SprungDigi Festival. We’ll be considering the wider context too of this work that sings The Creative Case for Diversity, We don’t just want bums on seats we want you to be part of the conversation.    You can book yourself a FREE ticket for the event here, but do so quick before all the tickets run out.

A wonderful evening of showcase, talks, films discussions and all sorts of visionary collisionary. Be there.

Rachel Gadsden’s most recent digital inspirations…

a series of screens above in a dimly lit room, they are being painted on too.(She’s not sure they are quite masterpieces though)

The partnership of curator Luc Tuymans and Angel Vergara – One of the most current pieces by this team is Feuilleton,  a reflection based around the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins. In using this theme they hope to infect a sort of virus into the range of trivial images that the media floods us with. Continue reading

Bianca Winter’s digital masterpiece

a green cave like environment, with brown spiny sea urchin like things on the walls, and a small piece of a greek architectural sculpture just seen on the far right. Bianca has opted for Hinterland…

It was in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, and essentially asked people to take on missions, in the form of Cantos (there were four), in order to progress to the innermost Hinterland of the city during festival month. It was magical because it got me to talk with absolute strangers on a human level – it prompted simple dialogue in physical space whilst providing complex exchanges in techno-space. The digital element of the project was masked beautifully by paper instructions and telephone calls – and the pay off (a poem written especially for me) was spine-tingling. Continue reading

Dolly Sen’s digital masterpiece

a screen shot of Nutter TV - a simple graphic on a blue background, part of a tube map. A word 'listen' is scrawled underneath.You can see we are asking everyone connected with Short Circuit for their digital masterpieces, we’re working through our list slowly – no hurry. It’s always great to see the range and diversity of what inspires people. This is Dolly Sen’s choice:

“I guess the one that had the most impact isn’t online any more, but it was Chas de Swiet’s Nutter TV, which was a online gaming experiment Continue reading

Melissa Mostyn’s digital masterpiece

an exploding balloon - green and yellow against a black backgroundMelissa Mostyn is a published writer, blogger, aspiring film-maker and visual arts practitioner. In 2011 she made her debut as a scriptwriter and director with Child Of Deaf Adults (CODA), a 10-minute TV drama short produced by Neath Films in association with the BSLBT that was broadcast on The Community Channel and Film4, and can still be viewed here. Continue reading

Andy Armstrong’s digital masterpiece(s)

Andy Armstrong works at the BBC and lead the team that live streamed the Olympics so he should have a good idea of what he’s talking about.

a computer screen googling the word google

He’s idea for masterpieces are those things that digital has created that have truly changed the world – although for better or worse is often still in question.

First – Google. As he says, ‘apart from anything else I genuinely don’t know whether I love or loath them. But they’ve already changed the world forever and they’re not done yet.’ Continue reading

Debs Williams’ choice: The Helicopter String Quartet

screen shot from the space of the helicopter string quartet - four musicians in hi vis jackets in helicopters...Debs Williams is a Relationship Manager for Arts Council England, specialising in theatre and with a keen interest in digital. She is also a maker and creator in her own right, and known for her strong but fair views – on disability, politics and artistic practice. We are delighted she is involved in Short Circuit as she always focuses on access, artists and quality – three elements we are placing at the centre of our process. Continue reading