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Telling Stories & Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery

a grey circle with the words - telling stories  inside of it

Call For Entries for an event 27 September – 15 November 2013

Opportunity for digital artists: Artists are invited to put forward proposed or finished works which interpret the theme of Telling Stories – exploring the artist’s role as storyteller. Submissions are encouraged that consider the space at the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery and Library as the containers for site-specific works addressing ideas of communication and miscommunication. Continue reading

Storytelling prefix at Cybersalon

Image from

Image from

Thanks to Jon Adams our Short Circuiter who alerted us to this great Cybersalon workshop which could be an interesting pre-fix to our weekend in June.  Who’s game?  Cybersalon’s goal is to create an active network of people interested in the project and to develop a process for crowd-sourcing of the assets for a New Media Memory archive. The Digital London Then & Now events will raise awareness of the New Media Memory project, develop a taxonomy for collating material and form alliances with academic institutions for the long-term maintenance of the completed archive. Continue reading

Transmedia – what’s up?

transmedia storytelling - the seed

transmedia storytelling – The Seed (c) WSCC

We’re delighted to announce that one of our focus exploratives for Short Circuit at Lighthouse Media on the 8-9th June is ‘story’.

A brilliant workshop at SHPLIve at South Hill Park last week confirmed for me this is exactly the focus we should go for, based around the artists who came to Open Circuit and their lines of digital enquiry.  Our workshop guide was David Varela  @writingstudio – a self confessed all round transmedia hobo responsible who last year amongst many other things brought us The Seed on behalf of West Sussex County Council’s Ahead of the Game programme funded in part by Arts Council England.

Don’t miss the most amazing transmedia thing of beauty coming to a multiple of platforms from Nocturn Dance in Berkshire. Dare you Watch is unravelling on facebook, twitter, live and online.  To get a sense of the story you can have a live or online peek Date: Friday 31 May/Sat. 1 June 2013 Time: 2.00pm / 8.00pm (Fri) 3.00pm / 7.30pm.  Don’t miss it!

MzTEK for a session of TMT! (Ten Minute Tutorials)

TMT! logo - the letters TMT in orange with an exclaimation mark at the endNot had enough input yet?

If you happen to be in London on Wednesday 15th May and you happen to be female and of a techie nature, why not give this a go?

MsTek are holding a session of Ten Minute Tutorials, 7-9pm at the Centre for Creative Collaboration.

There are 3 tutorial presentations of ten minutes each then and a beer break, and after they’ll be screenings of other online tutorials, how to’s and resources in a range of topics. Continue reading

Checking out the MozLon space ready for the 1st May…

Moz London - a space with a bar, bar stools, sofas, tables.. colours are grey, white and orangeCentral London – check, close to transport routes – check, easy to find – check, good physical accessibility – check, lots of natural light – check, plenty of space – check, and different types of space – check.

Plenty of seating options – check, and different types of seating options – check. Plenty of tables, whiteboards etc – check.

Good tech kit for presentations etc – check. Free, good, easy to access WIFI – check. Easy, self serve coffee, tea and other options – check. Good networking space, atmosphere and buzz – check. Laid back attitude to bringing additional catering in – check. Continue reading

Brighton Digital Festival – submit

brighton_digitalfestival_mtgLots of whooping and cheering at last night’s at Brighton Digital Festival’s meeting where the new look and feel festival for 2013 was launched with the help of Brian Kidd’s well considered new designs.  Short Circuit was there networking and meeting new partners for the programme too. Sophie from Clearleft  hit the podium with an exciting space that they’re developing in Brighton for September for digital art to be showcased. A bid from the Short Circuit posse perhaps? The submission deadline is 28th June for a slot in this free space – so a few weeks after Short Circuit weekend at Lighthouse 8-9th June.

Continue reading

Crowdsourcing – the pros and cons

a black background covered in small white stick men - there is a gap down the centre so they appear to stand in two groups.Like all arts projects, digital artworks cost money. So you have a cracking idea, how do you raise the funds to make it a reality?

Increasingly digital artists are turning to digital routes – crowdfunding is one such way. Just look at the success of Zombies Run! for example.

But what if you don’t know much about crowd funding? Where can you get simple, easy to understand and yet balanced info on what it’s all about? Continue reading

Why apply to Short Circuit?

an image of four clock faces overlaid with roman numerals and gold hands, all telling different timesIt’s getting near the deadline and the applications have started to come in – its very exciting at Short Circuit HQ as we start to see how the project might shape and flex in response to people’s interests and experience levels.

We’ve had one or two people a little confused though – why should they apply to something that’s relatively short and whilst access and travel is covered, there’s no fee? Continue reading