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Closing the curtain at Open Circuit

Jake Berger speaking with a sign language interpreter nearbyWe ended Open Circuit with a couple of presentations about funding, places to show/share work and of course, what next for Short Circuit.

Jake Berger – Head Of Technology & Distribution, Digital Public Space, BBC kicked us off talking about The Space – the Arts Council and BBC’s online digital portal. It began as a 6 month experiment and now seems set to stay for the foreseeable future, with new commissioning money coming (but no timescale announced as yet). Continue reading

So who else was at Open Circuit?

people watchingOpen Circuit wasn’t just about those presenting or sharing information – it was about everyone who attended as a participant really contributing, questionning and finding out more. It seems only fair then to let people know who else was there. Continue reading

Who else ran table top sessions at Open Circuit?

Sinead Mac Manus talking at a tableAs well as the presentations mentioned so far, we had a series of table top sessions – chances for people to have more indepth conversations and a chance to play. Some of those presenting ran such sessions – Andy Armstrong, Jon Adams, Damian Toal for example. Others running table top sessions included Continue reading

Bianca Winter at Open Circuit

Bianca Winter giving her presentation with a sign language interpreter next to her and a camera person filming her. In her hands is a piece of paper which she is turning into a crane.Bianca Winter is an arts and culture enthusiast obsessed with the space between people and experiences that are shaped from hand to hand. She is interested in a digital and physical interdependence, and the curious spaces we create around ourselves both in person and online. For the last six years she has worked with artists to explore digital spaces and create new work. Continue reading

Damian Toal at Open Circuit

Damian Toal next to an avatar of himselfDamian Toal is a huge supporter of Short Circuit and was involved in the very first scoping meeting to plan out the project. H is a filmmaker, and artist with a background in the broadcast and the independent sector; who works both collaboratively and independently on screen based, site specific and performance based film and video, documentary and short film. This is complemented by consultancy work and mentoring; in Educational and Arts initiatives, and by his role as Associate Senior Lecture in Film and Video at the University of Portsmouth, fostering interdisciplinary practice and encouraging creative partnerships. Continue reading

Panoply at Open Circuit

The animator and professor from Panolply talking at a table top - with Jo Verrent and in interpreterAnimator Steve Simons and university lecturer Dr Sonya Nevin run Panoply, an online space which helps people enjoy, teach, and research the ancient world (

Panoply provides animations based on ancient Greek vase scenes which bring ancient figures to life in an accessible yet thought-provoking way.  The animations make effective teaching resources for diverse audiences, and Panoply is developing a range of supporting educational materials.   Continue reading

Chisato Minamimura at Open Circuit

Chiasto pulling a funny face at a tableChisato is a London-based deaf dance artist of Japanese origin, working as contemporary dance choreographer, performer, teacher and art presenter in BSL (British Sign Language).  She trained at Laban in London before completing a M.A. at Yokohama National University and has been involved in a number of dance projects including creating and presenting dance performances and workshops in over 35 locations in 15 countries. Continue reading

Martin Gritton nearly at Open Circuit

a poster illustrating how to use a kinnex controller fo create a passive sketchMartin couldn’t make it on the day but hopes to get to the weekend in June. Martin is a sound artist living in Brighton, making music using various free/commercial software, interfaces, instruments and recorded sounds. He studied Digital Music and Sound Art (BA) which introduced him to programming, and open source softwares which enable musicians and artists to create their own tools, working with and applying sound in unconventional ways.

Last year he collaborated on Noisy Table (An augmented ping pong table that makes music and sounds as games are played) which led to his interest in interactive art and sound in space.  He has N24 (Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder), Continue reading