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Short Circuit Capers

Packer films Minamimura

pole cam capers

Tuesday’s side splitting catch up day in Lewes with Short Circuit artists Chisato Minamimura, Dave Packer and Dolly Sen left locals in the park a bit bemused!

At times a bit more Benny Hill than @DigitalBrighton – this was so much more than your usual Lewisian caper. Intrigued? Well, you’d be daft to not get yourself down to our Lighthouse@BDF2013 event Tuesday next at 6pm – a must see warmup to the @BDF2013 Chuckle event at Komedia round the corner, straight after.

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Short Circuit – trailer released!

All things Short Circuit might have seemed quiet over the summer, but only on the surface. Behind the scenes people have been collaborating, critiquing and creating – just take a look at the Short Circuit video trailer:

And then get planning your trip to the seaside – we are showcasing work as part of Brighton Digital Festival on the 10th September (6pm, at Lighthouse).

Want to know what it might be like if the internet had a breakdown? Check out the work of mixed media artist Dolly Sen. How music might be mapped to create new accessible, choreographic forms?  Look at the results of the collaboration between choreographer Chisato Minamimura and animator Dave Packer of Sheep Films. Want to collect audio-visual souvenirs of a city sonifying locations through walking and imagining the linked sound memories? Experience film maker Caroline Ward’s extracts from her collaboration with Anya Ustaszewski and Dave Mee of Madlabs. Hidden, hiding, open or exposed? Visual artist Jon Adams reports on his feral investigations, using his experiences of Aspergers and dyslexia to tap into the hidden treats of Mozilla.

We are salivating already, but then we’ve had a few sneaky peaks over the summer – and over the next few days we’ll treat you to some teasers too. And then see you at the sea-side?

Sounds like Jon Adams…

a graphic pink abstract image of a ball like thing on an angled surfaceMore Short Circuit stuff – here are a number of sound pieces composed by Jon Adams over the weekend – created by taking an initial sound sample, exploding it into fragments then reforming it in different ways.

Have a listen – the first is from a sample of sound Anya caught of a tuba.

The second is a sample from Rubbena’s hearing aid emitting feedback.

The image is also Jon’s – created from a close up photo he took from the sink in the gents loo at Short Circuit!

Julie Mc plays with stop frame animation…

Julie McNamara experienced technical difficulties at the end of the Short Circuit weekend (you know when everything seems locked inside your kit and won’t come out, and then everything connected to your kit seems to just stop, break, fail and generally play up.

So put your feet up and have a look at the varied adventures of bi-polar bear… Continue reading

Pushing the limits of stop frame animation…

Sarah Pickthall, Rachel Gadsden and Bianca Winter had time to play at Short Circuit, focusing on Sarah’s work based on her great grandfather, Marmaduke Pickthall – Loyal Enemy.

They wanted to capture and create narrative visual art, and have been experimenting in many different formats. This is a work in process they whipped up quick – it really helped them understand the boundaries and use of the technology and techniques, and almost broke the kit! Continue reading