Chisato Minamimura at Open Circuit

Chiasto pulling a funny face at a tableChisato is a London-based deaf dance artist of Japanese origin, working as contemporary dance choreographer, performer, teacher and art presenter in BSL (British Sign Language).  She trained at Laban in London before completing a M.A. at Yokohama National University and has been involved in a number of dance projects including creating and presenting dance performances and workshops in over 35 locations in 15 countries. She is interested in choreographing visual sound/music as she cannot hear any audio music. Through research, she found that music is based on math and started using the numerical method for her choreography.

She gave an enthralling presentation showing her notated ‘scores’ and video footage of dancers ‘dancing’ sound to give indications of volume and level of sound – she certainly started many conversations about sound, the nature of sound and the variety of ways in which ‘sound’ can be expressed.

You can find out more about her work on her website:

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