Chisato Minamimura: D x D

Chisato stands by a wall, her hands on her hips, behind her, her outline also stands, with lines showing her previous movements too.Deaf choreographer and performance artist Chisato Minamimura can’t hear the music she choreographs to and so she set out to play with animator Dave Packer, Sheep Films, to see how they might be able to make it more visual.

Chisato has been working with scores for her choreography – linking movements to the space they occupy – on the body and in the space, using the mathematics of music as a base.

They began at the Short Circuit weekend to capture Chisato from above, replicating the scores she works from:

Dave than began to explore the mutliplier effect – would looping Chisato’s movements illustrate the sound better?

Although the visuals were interesting, Chisato described it more as how she images noise as opposed to music and so they began to explore in a new direction using Kinect software to create a shadow self that would move in response to Chisato’s movements.

For the presentation in Brighton, they worked with both recorded and live iterations, sharing their process to date. And we say ‘to date’ as we know that these two, having formed such a strong working relationship, are bound to go forwards and creating something further based on their experiments to date.

Top photo by alexandtheweb, all video from Dave Parker, Sheep Films.

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