Cultural Veneers

An altogether different rag

An altogether different rag

We are delighted that Kate Kneale from Marine Studios has agreed to join our selected artists and digital agents at Open Circuit at MozLDN on the 1st May contributing her wealth of experience as a digital artist and innovator with a career spanning many years.

Kate is a founder member of 2steparts and currently at the helm of the fabulous Geek Festival held earlier this year in Margate 21st-24th February¬† ‘Leaving school at 16 or having a doctorate does not predetermine who succeeds. That’s the beauty of it and re: accessibility, it strips away cultural veneers of who can do what and who can win!’¬† Kate told us.¬† Play and gaming has the power to strip down cultural veneers. Her thinking is embodied in the The Geek Gazette – an ingenious device pictured here – a rag designed to promote the festival – is true to Kate’s approach and humour.


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