Digitally arresting

eyewriter_imageLast week, I had such a great chat via Laurence Hill of Fabrica with the wonderful Seb Lee-Delisle @seb_ly  of last year’s @BDF2012 Pixel Pyros fame (and more besides) about our Short Circuit project and how we might make our own fireworks bringing different perspectives, ideas and inclinations to the table, losing a bit of the worthy label we seem to have been lumbered with.  He affirmed that coders and programmers are often asked to be involved in projects where it’s assumed that they might do things for free and I gleened the feeling that the hack might be a bit of a tired formula therefore. Useful note to self.  What I also took from our conversation was the need for the idea to salve or solve to have within it a certain amount of subversion and subterfuge, beating the big bucks boys and girls – creating the same at a fraction of the price, bringing something ingenious and digitally arresting into frame.

With this in mind, Seb drew my attention to eyewriter – another digital masterpiece no less!  It’s got the incentive in there and also happens to be about accessibility too – without it being overly do-goody .It’s a design that a few years back allowed the legendary LA graffiti writer, publisher and activist TEMPTONE to do what he loves – simples! Very #ShortCircuit – oh yes.


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