Dolly Sen: The Internet has Crashed

a screen saying cast down your internet and follow meMultimedia artist Dolly Sen chose to explore what it would be like if the internet experienced psychosis; If it heard voices or thought it was Jesus. Drawing on her own experiences of psychosis, and working with Peter Pavement, from Surface Impressions on programming and sonic artist Jon Adams on sound, she created a stunning prototype which mixed seriousness and humour, giving a provocative insight into mental health.

The site seems very ‘normal’ when you first arrive at it – but then things start to shift.

a screen shot of the normal site before things start to shiftthere is now an eye watching you instead of a company logo and the site asks - what if the internet wasn't real

The words on the site keep changing and you start to loose the ability to concentrate on the words and they morph before you. The site starts to question itself:

a screen shot of part of the site


The words under the pictures change:

the words under the pictures now say we are selling you nothing and we are watching you


You can click to other pages – on one, the internet now feels it is Jesus and asks you to follow:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 10.03.59


If you click no, you get taken to a disturbing visual and auditory moving image, designed to replicate the hallucinations Dolly has experienced. Yes, takes you through to the page above – where you can also get to ebay to buy vouchers for loafs and fishes. You can also try and upload your soul – mine was rejected!

note saying my soul was rejected

The site is still only a prototype, hence no link, but you can read more about the project on Dolly’s blog at Disability Arts Online and follow the project on Twitter – @InternetBreakdn


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