Dolly Short Circuits

2013-09-03 12.12.00Dolly Sen is a Short Circuit artist who will be presenting her most recent brush with digital at Brighton Digital Festival #BDF2013 tomorrow at Lighthouse in Brighton 6-8pm.  A visual artist, writer, film-maker, and performer interested in non-consensual reality, outsidership, empathy, authenticity and absurdity – she teeters on such delicious edges, don’t miss them!

‘I have been labeled ‘mad’ by society. My work aims to show I make perfect sense. To that end, I am creating a website experiencing psychosis, which hears voices, thinks it is being spied upon, and that it is Jesus.  It does 2 things: reflects my own experience; but also asks: what if the internet experienced madness, what would it look like, would you ever return to it, report it, what does it feel to vicariously experience psychosis? Virtual reality may not exist, but what if it didn’t exist twice removed? Or what if the psychosis makes it more real?’

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