Jon Adams: Stalking the Book of Mozilla

a composite image on green with shapes highlighted in pink, light green and salmon. There are some hexagons and a black line drawn down from them too.Artist Jon Adams plays with concepts of hidden, buried and obscured in many of his commissions, using his experiences of Aspergers and dyslexia as a positive starting point. Through Short Circuit, he spent time at Mozillia’s base in London this summer, exploring, excavating, and stalking – just like a fox – and creating artsworks in response.

At the Short Circuit showcase, he began by showing a film created from visually manipulating images shot on site (of carpet and flooring) with a sound track featuring the Mozilla bar football machine and iPad synths.

He then shared a powerpoint presentation of words and images, echoing the rarified, almost religious zeal in which digital is often held:

These were the words he performed alongside the powerpoint above:

Tonight the explanations will be take from ‘the book of the makers’ version 1.03. Due to the time I will paraphrase but a fuller ‘author’ revised distribution will become available


Are we open tonight

Are we unstoppable

Are we accessible

We need to reject the obtuse

We need to reject the negative opinion

Lest you fall into obsession

What will you now observe?

Who will you now serve?


I am here to tell you

You are now enabled

to follow the makers path

Will you contribute?

Will you achieve the mark of the maker

Set in your own image?


We will turn our backs on those who do not listen

to experts proclamation

We will become listeners even though authority

will not heed our many calls

We will hear their cry and act


I will tell you this freedom

you can write your own

in fellowship with others


Formula and supplication

Given freely to belong to the many

With your right hand cast down your flesh

Take up your device and talk


When will we take courage in parable

metaphor and symbol

Representations of voltages and length

To examine in detail at leisure


To solve your own problem

Repent and seek forgiveness

for your previous supposed existence


Let the scales fall from your eyes

as they did mine

Return to the flock

Return to the fold

Return and reveal to the many

what you will about yourself

What will you reflect about yourself

What will you make?


Do you covert

You turn away and marvel at the sons of mammon

looking at others proud ability

their self made icons of gold

Gather dusts and metal yourself and make vessels

To contain your secrets


What do you conceal in your heart?

Do you wish it to be found?

Reject the narrow-mindedness of others

Forgo your traditions

Seek the safety of six sided natures

Seek closure

Protection in their angles

From others accusation


We are accused of soulless ness

The USB has been weighed full and empty

With no difference

So utter vibrations of orthodoxy

Sing as innocence

Sing as incense

And test

Measure his worth

Do not serve dual masters


They would seek to deceive you

Lead you astray with false promises

of their profound secrets

Only to be understood by the few

But the makers will set you free to come and play


Through o’s and 1’s

Discrete forms

Finger found and counted

You will make

While others tread

as if on glass


about you so not too offend

Lest you

stimulated in heart

Take courage to walk

Hand in glove with the cunning of foxes

Jon would like to thank Mozilla, in particular John Bevan and Paula le Dieu, and the may other conversationalists he met there for their openness, Open Badges, Dolly Sen for additional conversations, a bar football machine, carpeted floor and strawberry roll.


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