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synapse2Short Circuit  boldly puts the disabled and deaf experience of making art central – we make no apologies for that and we are concsious that whilst many disabled people harness social media and technological processes to orienteer the world ( I’ve just discovered  #a11y – a font of knowledge re: digital accessibility ) there are many others including creatives finding digital, exclusive impenetrable and not for them… 

Short Circuit is about art, innovation and sometimes accessibility – in process yes – our gatherings will be accessible.  In product? not always – that’s about how people choose to make and what that takes. A few days ago I was slowly – as is my mode – pushing Short Circuit to people who I can see on TweetDeck had been up all night coding as part of innovation challenge @FuturEverything and to #bdf2013, #geek2013 #a11Y. People who I thought might be able to push our project to interested digital people.

I met an unusual  and welcome set of responses – one being focused on how we might need to think carefully about how we allude to the technical community, so we don’t ‘see lazy/tired stereotypes being perpetuated.’ Another urged that we needed to ‘get in a room together!’  Well exactly. That same morning I’d read on the FutureEverything site about digital media artists who work with code:

Working as both artist and engineer, they build the platforms that other artists and agencies use in their own practice. They will discuss their projects and principles, and we will see how the art world is responding to its developing relationship with technology. Creative Code by FutureEverything is a part of the 2013 programme of the ECAS network. Future Everything website

I wish i’d been there.  I think it’s important to say that we all whatever our field of practice we have multiple identities and a plethora of different experiences and behaviours too. Recent conversations with Brighton Digital Festival’s Tom Bailey focused on the need to let more people connect with this particular jewel in Brighton’s crown and the fine line between making the new site accessible and keeping its digital ‘nature’ afloat and evident and with his new line web design teams on board, he’ll be working to that.

We’re hoping for a myriad of people to apply for Open Circuit (1st May MozSpace LDN) the Short Circuit Intensive (@Lighthouse, Brighton 8-9th June). The key at the moment is to build a myriad of curiosity and connection with the project. Criticism is part of that.  Rich conversation is the next. That is everything.

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