Mozilla – a Short Circuiting digital ninja

The cartoon logo of the fire fox - a fox in firey coloursNot a digital masterpiece today, but a digital ninja instead – Mozilla.

Mozilla is where we are holding our first Open Circuit event on the 1st May, but they are way, way, way more than a venue!

Most known for creating the Firefox browser, Moz isn’t just another developer for the web either. They are a non-profit organisation dedicated to keeping the power of the Web in real people’s hands, and they’ve been working at this for 15 years.

They describe themselves as ‘a global community of users, contributors and developers working to innovate on your behalf’.

They are about solutions, and help ensure openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web. They have developed a Manifesto that explains the values and principles that guide the pursuit of their mission – well worth a read.

It’s not all about policy though – Mozilla is about making stuff, and making stuff happen. Check out Marketplace, Persona, Thunderbird and Webmaker for a start. And my favourite – Popcorn.

They also run labs to help people innovate and a three month programme to help entrepreneurs accelerate their businesses.

Basically, they kick digital ass – ninja style! We are so pleased to pair up with them and gain from their style and substance.



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