Short Circuit Capers

Packer films Minamimura

pole cam capers

Tuesday’s side splitting catch up day in Lewes with Short Circuit artists Chisato Minamimura, Dave Packer and Dolly Sen left locals in the park a bit bemused!

At times a bit more Benny Hill than @DigitalBrighton – this was so much more than your usual Lewisian caper. Intrigued? Well, you’d be daft to not get yourself down to our Lighthouse@BDF2013 event Tuesday next at 6pm – a must see warmup to the @BDF2013 Chuckle event at Komedia round the corner, straight after.

And yes, we may just be the only sign language interpreted event in the festie no less! – an inciteful, delightful, irreverent and not to be missed set of accessible presentations so Deaf Brighton, come on down.  The aforementioned artists will be joined by artists Caroline Ward and Jon Adams with their own particular ventures and the event topped and tailed by core circuit peeps Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent.

#Short Circuit has already proven itself to be so much more than the sum of its parts:  its synonymity with malfunction has been a useful thing for us to push against.  Short Circuit is not about making things better, ease re: access yes, making art – most definitely and art that charts the different lives we live. There’s so much more that we share and will share.

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