Short Circuit

The Short Circuit weekend will be held at The Lighthouse, Brighton over the weekend of 8th and 9th June, building on the momentum created at Open Circuit.

There’ll be a shift – Open Circuit was the opportunity to be inspired, to think more widely; Short Circuit will be the place to play. It’s also a place to share learning more widely too – we will be filming what people are doing and may also live stream some parts of the weekend.

We want to do everything, follow up on every lead, every interest, every idea – but we can’t so we are limiting ourselves to two ‘groups’ – one focusing on sound and one focusing on story. People attending will be in one group, and can then form smaller groups within them:

  • Sound: What is sound? What does it look like? Feel like? How does it exist? How can it be used? How can it be played with?
  • Story: Playing with character, meaning and thinking. To include web, gaming and physical creation to animate stuff.

The idea is that we come together, share skills, try things out and generally push everyone’s practice and find new and interesting solutions to the barriers we experience. It’s not about coming with an idea and getting it delivered so much about looking at myraid possibilities and, well, playing.

We are really looking forwards to building on the momentum – and are delighted that we are also be assisted now by the Culture Hack programme. Check out their site, and We are Caper too (they run the Culture Hack programme). Great to have them on board!

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