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Pushing the limits of stop frame animation…

Sarah Pickthall, Rachel Gadsden and Bianca Winter had time to play at Short Circuit, focusing on Sarah’s work based on her great grandfather, Marmaduke Pickthall – Loyal Enemy.

They wanted to capture and create narrative visual art, and have been experimenting in many different formats. This is a work in process they whipped up quick – it really helped them understand the boundaries and use of the technology and techniques, and almost broke the kit! Continue reading

Bianca Winter’s digital masterpiece

a green cave like environment, with brown spiny sea urchin like things on the walls, and a small piece of a greek architectural sculpture just seen on the far right. Bianca has opted for Hinterland…

It was in Edinburgh a couple of years ago, and essentially asked people to take on missions, in the form of Cantos (there were four), in order to progress to the innermost Hinterland of the city during festival month. It was magical because it got me to talk with absolute strangers on a human level – it prompted simple dialogue in physical space whilst providing complex exchanges in techno-space. The digital element of the project was masked beautifully by paper instructions and telephone calls – and the pay off (a poem written especially for me) was spine-tingling. Continue reading

Bianca Winter at Open Circuit

Bianca Winter giving her presentation with a sign language interpreter next to her and a camera person filming her. In her hands is a piece of paper which she is turning into a crane.Bianca Winter isĀ an arts and culture enthusiast obsessed with the space between people and experiences that are shaped from hand to hand. She is interested in a digital and physical interdependence, and the curious spaces we create around ourselves both in person and online. For the last six years she has worked with artists to explore digital spaces and create new work. Continue reading