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Sound for Rubbena…

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq is a British born deaf artist with a unique painting style – she came to Short Circuit with a short video clip of her painting technique wondering if it were possible to link it more to her internal world as she creates – how to make those viewing the work ‘hear’ the high pitched squeeks and whistles she experiences?

Rubbena teamed up with Jon Adams who sampled her hearing aids for a few seconds, then deconstructed the sound into thousands of parts. He has rebuilt the sounds in a number of ways, one here on the video, and others to be uploaded here later…

Have a look and listen – see what you think.

So who else was at Open Circuit?

people watchingOpen Circuit wasn’t just about those presenting or sharing information – it was about everyone who attended as a participant really contributing, questionning and finding out more. It seems only fair then to let people know who else was there. Continue reading