Transmedia – what’s up?

transmedia storytelling - the seed

transmedia storytelling – The Seed (c) WSCC

We’re delighted to announce that one of our focus exploratives for Short Circuit at Lighthouse Media on the 8-9th June is ‘story’.

A brilliant workshop at SHPLIve at South Hill Park last week confirmed for me this is exactly the focus we should go for, based around the artists who came to Open Circuit and their lines of digital enquiry.  Our workshop guide was David Varela  @writingstudio – a self confessed all round transmedia hobo responsible who last year amongst many other things brought us The Seed on behalf of West Sussex County Council’s Ahead of the Game programme funded in part by Arts Council England.

Don’t miss the most amazing transmedia thing of beauty coming to a multiple of platforms from Nocturn Dance in Berkshire. Dare you Watch is unravelling on facebook, twitter, live and online.  To get a sense of the story you can have a live or online peek Date: Friday 31 May/Sat. 1 June 2013 Time: 2.00pm / 8.00pm (Fri) 3.00pm / 7.30pm.  Don’t miss it!

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